• Development and implementation of digital solutions for the state, citizens and businesses

    Developer of the SiTex digital platform with 20 years of experience in providing comprehensive services for the development and maintenance of IT solutions of any scale and complexity
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  • Taking care of people.
    And technologies

    The combination of advanced technical solutions and many years of automation experience allows us to provide consulting services and promote customers to the TOP in various areas
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  • Creating digital
    platforms and composable applications

    We create digital platforms that combine composable applications and groups of application services in a single architectural solution
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  • With responsibility to the details. With a focus on solving the customer's project tasks

    A deep understanding of the market allows us to conduct turnkey projects, considering the characteristics and needs of a particular department or region
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Systematica Consulting

Systematica Consulting — is the leading provider of IT solutions and services with 20-years experience of work in the Russian market. It is a part of one of the largest IT holdings in Russia — GCS (Systematica Group).
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The company provides a range of services for optimizing business processes and implementing information technologies.
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Our team
Systematica Consulting — a leading provider of IT solutions thanks to its teams, which include specialists with rich project experience. They were engaged in the most complex and incredible projects.
Zlobin Vadim
Korolyova Tatyana
Deputy General Director, Head of Consulting and Project management Department
Ilyin Andrey
Head of Project management Department
Kozelskiy Yaroslav
Deputy General Director
Reshetnikova Olga
Сommunications Director
Skvortsov Alexey
Head of Development Department
Sviridova Oxana
Head of DevOps Department
Natalia Surikova
Financial manager
  • Creating digital
    platforms and composable applications

    We create digital platforms that combine composable applications and groups of application services in a single architectural solution
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Our news
Check out the news of our company to understand what kind of life we live and what is happening at the moment.
More than 20 years on the Russian market
25 million
More than 25 million citizens' personal files in electronic form
40 000
More than 40 000 users working in the systems
More than 30 regions of the country covered with the solutions of the company
More than 300 developers, analysts and project managers
15 000
More than 15 000 business processes and services converted to electronic format

Key benefits

Our main assets are people and technologies: a digital development platform SiTex, a new line of applications with microservice architecture, and a close-knit team of like-minded people who can turn innovative ideas into effective solutions.
Systematica Consulting
The company provides a range of services to optimize business processes, create and maintain information systems and cloud digital platforms of federal and regional authorities and large organizations.

Systematics Consulting develops, implements and supports complex information systems and infrastructure solutions based on its own SiTex tool platform, as well as develops and supports cloud platforms based on microservice architecture in hierarchically complex structures and large organizations.

The cost of software (including services included in the register of Russian software) is calculated individually. For more information, you can contact us by e-mail info@systematica-consulting.ru
Our SiTex products
Our services
Basic infrastructure of e-government and systems of interdepartmental electronic interaction
Web-portals of state and municipal authorities, state and municipal services
Cross-platform mobile application for the regional portal of public services "Public Services.Region"
Automatic Information System "Multifunctional Center for providing state and municipal services"
Automatic Information System "Electronic population register for social protection"
Property asset management system
Automated workplace of a government employee
Creating digital platforms and composite applications
Custom development of IT systems and portals
Support and development of IT systems and infrastructure
Information security
IT consulting
Our company is always open for cooperation and partnership with other companies that work in the field of information technology. We strive to expand the business opportunities of our company and partner companies, providing an integrated approach to solving complex problems and a synergistic effect from combining competencies.
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