Creating digital platforms
and composable applications

Analysts predict the leadership of plastic and adaptive systems at the application and architecture level. Based on our company's technologies, we create digital platforms that combine composable applications and groups of application services in a single architectural solution.
Cloud digital platforms based on "Systematica Consulting" technologies
Responding to market demands and global trends, our solutions allow you to quickly deploy highly loaded cloud systems, optimize infrastructure capacity, automate organizational functions and maintain a high rate of changes in the administrative processes of customer organizations.
Microservice architecture for creating solutions with high performance and fault tolerance
Ease of system development. Development, updating and adding of individual system services without affecting the rest of the functionality
The possibility of developing microservices and functional blocks by different teams using suitable or best practices
Support for creating composable applications in the cloud for different organizations, in which some of the services may be shared, and some (for example, with critical or confidential data) - on dedicated hardware and software resources of the organization
Key advantages of digital platforms based on our technologies:
Support for creating composable applications from reused functional blocks and microservices. Managing composable applications
Composable applications consist of one or more microservices and solve a specific automation task from a specific subject area.
Shared services
  • Implement common functionality for all applications
  • Work on shared hardware resources
  • The data of various organizations in the services are separated at the software level
Assembly, launch and development of large composable applications from ready-made infrastructure and application services of our product line and services that are created for the individual characteristics and needs of the customer's organization

Examples of composable applications

Object Registry
A service for the rapid development of application services that allows you to form data structures and registries.
A group of services for managing user rights and accounts, which has the ability to work in complex architectures with a large amount of data from different sources.
A service for seamless and secure user transition between different applications.
CI/CD operator
An automatic system for application deployment and modification.
A service for monitoring the status and availability of digital platform services and their metrics for a selected period.
Service for managing service event logs.
A service for administrative processes managing and coordinating inter-service interaction.
Decision Maker
A service for automatic or semi-automatic decision-making according to specified algorithms based on approved rules or regulations.
A service for quickly creating data sets for analysis, filtering and visualization.
A service for sending notifications according to specified templates about various events occurring in the system.
A service for quick signing of electronic documents of any size with the ability to identify the signatory.
A service for unifying the structure of address information and simplifying search through address databases.
A service for high-performance object search across all information system services.
A service for working with information in directories and classifiers used in government and corporate information systems.
Subsystem for working with interfaces of large cloud digital platforms. A composite solution consisting of separate applications (microphones).
More than 150 services for the "turnkey" interdepartmental interaction.
Digital platform format
Allows to create flexible, high-performance and information systems tailored to modern realities for large organizations and hierarchically complex structures.
Rapid components development and deployment
Quick automation of new administrative processes without the need to refine existing microservices. A drastic reduction of time for components deploying and reassembling is achieved due to the availability of DevOps services operating in automatic mode.
Ready-made infrastructure
Basic infrastructure microservices availability in the basic set that allows to focus only on the application components of the system that solve specific administrative and management tasks.
High fault tolerance
24/7 operation is achieved due to the high level of fault tolerance of the system thanks to the microservice architecture. During modifications and upgrades, the continuity of the system is also ensured.
Easy scaling
Unlimited horizontal scalability. The need for additional infrastructure capacity arises only during peak load periods or as the organization and its functions grow.
Unified architectural principles
A modern, easily updated technology stack. The architecture of the platform includes the possibility of making improvements and upgrading existing microservices by various development teams.
Technology stack
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