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Vadim Zlobin has joined Expert Club to explore the best practices in customer service

The research project on the best practices in customer service, organized by the RBC media holding to identify and promote advanced customer service technologies and projects aimed at improving customer experience, with proven effectiveness. These projects are developed by companies in St. Petersburg or implemented in the Northwest region of Russia.

Throughout the competition, experts reviewed cases that influence the improvement of customer service, whether they are related to communication systems, IT products, or employee training. In other words, everything that enhances customer experience and makes customers happier.

Vadim Zlobin, the CEO of Systematics Consulting, comments on key trends in customer service management: "In the competition for customers, companies have begun to pay great attention to feedback and direct contact with their consumers. In this regard, working with Big Data, creating digital platforms with elements of machine learning, and developing and implementing user-friendly advanced mobile services are current trends. In the near future, we will observe their further development and refinement across almost all industry sectors — from food delivery services to providing government services to the population."

The competition's experts were interested in any innovations in customer service, customer attraction and service systems that enhance customer experience and prove effective for businesses. The competition highlighted everything companies do to improve customer experience and gain customer loyalty. Examples from all sectors and segments were considered: b2b, b2c, b2p, b2g.

As part of his work in the Expert Club and as a jury member of the competition, Vadim Zlobin participated in several roundtable discussions, covering topics related to customer service.