Our client is the winner of the "PROF-IT.2021" competition

The project "Digitalization of interaction with citizens in the provision of public services in the field of hunting" became the winner at the all-Russian competition of regional and municipal informatization "PROF-IT.2021" in the nomination "Provision of regional and municipal services".
In the final the project implemented by the Department of Informatization of the Tyumen region was ahead of the superservice "Digital Property and Construction" (Republic of Bashkortostan) and the dialogue assistant for interaction with the state "Lilia" (Republic of Tatarstan) by the number of votes.

There were problems in the State Hunting Department of the region with processing applications, informing citizens about the status of consideration of applications and distributing the workload on employees. The solution was to create the Hunter's Personal Account on the regional portal of the Tyumen region, combining all services in one place, as well as information about the procedure for their provision, permissions, fines, etc.

As a result of the project the quality of work in the field of hunting services has improved:

  1. The number of errors in the reception and processing of applications has decreased
  2. The service delivery time has been reduced from 5 working days to 5 minutes on average
  3. Employees of the department were relieved of the increased workload associated with processing applications during the hunting season and in conditions of limited resources
  4. The time and labor costs of processes by department employees have been reduced
  5. Decisions on the main mass services began to be made automatically
You can see the inspiring figures of the project in the picture below. Congratulations to the project teams - ours and the customer - on a well-deserved success!