Public services in your smartphone

A new product has appeared in the Systematica Consulting solutions line – the mobile application "Public Services.Region". The application allows you to get a quick access to government services from your personal mobile device.
"Systematica Consulting" is ready to supply customers with a new version of the mobile application for the regional portal of public services. Its implementation in the region makes it possible to increase the popularity of the portal and improve the awareness of citizens about public services, provides an opportunity to receive prompt feedback and expands the audience of users. All this, ultimately, helps the authorities to work faster and better with the requests and life situations of citizens of the region.

"Public services.Region" – is a cross-platform mobile application with support for native graphical interfaces for Android and iOS operating systems. The application allows to have a mobile version of the regional portal at hand: use public services 24/7, submit electronic applications, make an appointment with the department, be aware of the status of the service provision process, submit complaints. The data in the application is dynamic: when they are updated on the portal, the changes will be automatically displayed in the application.

The design for both operating systems is the same, except for small discrepancies in terms of typical elements of Android and iOS. The interface reflects all modern trends in the design and ergonomics of mobile applications: convenient navigation, swipes, masks for input fields, determining the location of users for planning a visit to the department, authorization using TouchID and FaceID technologies, working with files and much more.
The full functionality of the application is available after authorization via ESIA. At the same time, you can start using the application immediately after downloading: the user sees how it can be useful, which services are presented in it.

One of the technical schtick of the solution is a universal form generator, which significantly speeds up the development and connection of additional services in a mobile application. It builds screen forms using data on application forms on the regional portal of public services.

Customers have the opportunity to collect statistics through the AppMetrica service. It analyzes the metrics of the application – the number of users, the duration of sessions, retention and churn rates, and others – to identify errors and improve the operation of the application.

The developer company plans to connect additional services, for example personal accounts of legal entities and sole proprietors, a service for adding certain services and departments to favorites, a service for evaluating the quality of services, and others.

As a part of the implementation, "Systematica Consulting" specialists provide advice on registering accounts in the App Store and Google Play. The application can also be modified to meet the needs of a particular region.