"Automated workplace of a government employee": a tool for digitalization in public administration

On April 1, "Systematica Consulting" was held a webinar for customers about the trends in the development of state information systems and the updated solution "ARM PPU 2.0" to support the processes of digital transformation of the provision of state and municipal services to the citizens.
"ARM PPU 2.0"— is a technologically advanced information system for employees of public authorities, which allows to consider applications of citizens for the provision of public services and make decisions on them in automatic or semi-automatic mode. This is the next generation of the solution of the same name, which "Systematica Consulting" develops based on current trends and requests of our clients in the field of digitalization of public administration.

According to the latest trends, the provision of public services in digital form is becoming a basic need. Citizens expect public services to be as personalized and operational as those they receive from the private sector. To do this, departmental processes should rely more on data than on documents.

Another trend is associated with the increasing role of the state in the life of society, with the need to increase credibility in public authorities. Modern tools that meet the requirements of information security are needed to build a dialogue between the state and citizens, to ensure transparency of decisions taken.

The third trend relates to the increasing need of simple and convenient information systems, both on the part of the government employees and on the part of citizens. Users are used to a good UX and a customizable interface.

These trends, as well as requests from customers and changing legal requirements are taken into account during developing the "ARM PPU" solution. At the webinar, Viktor Afanasyev, the head of the Systematica Consulting projects, presented the updated "ARM PPU 2.0" and demonstrated the capabilities of the solution.

The system continues to improve in the direction of optimizing work processes, increasing the speed of processing incoming information and minimizing the participation of government employees in the providing state and municipal services. Auto-verification and auto-dispatch of requests, auto-assignment of responsible for applications, decision support subsystem, user-friendly interface — all of this allows you to significantly save time and resources, reduces the risk of errors by operators.

A significant difference from the previous version is in the technological component. The updated solution uses a new core, which opens wide opportunities for customization of forms and further development of the system in terms of UX/UI and technological features.

From the functional improvements of the latest release, it is possible to distinguish, firstly, applications checklists for the correctness verification of attached documents or redefining the results of automatic verification. Secondly, an electronic appointment calendar for scheduling the reception of citizens, with the ability to select the display period and the status of coupons. The chat with the applicant has also been finalized for prompt communication between the operator and the citizen in situations where clarification of information on the application or documents is required. Separately, it is worth noting the integration with FGIS DO for consideration of pre-trial complaints of applicants and with GIS GMP for accepting payments from individuals and legal entities. The interface and forms of these sections have also been redesigned and improved.

The decision has already attracted the attention of specialists and heads of information technology departments and subordinate institutions of more than 10 subjects of the Russian Federation: from the Arkhangelsk Region to the regions of the Far East.

If you have any questions about the "ARM PPU 2.0" system or you want to organize an individual demonstration of the solution, please contact us.