The "Systematics Consulting" solution is the winner of the "Project of the Year 2020" competition organized by Global CIO

"Automated workplace of a government employee" won 1st place in the competition "Project of the Year 2020" in the nomination "The best solution in the Ural Federal District" according to the professional IT community and the Global CIO portal.

A record number of applications (300+) for participation were submitted to the competition – from highly specialized industry solutions to large-scale projects for automatization the activities of individual regions. "Systematica Consulting", together with the Department of Digitalization of the Tyumen Region and the CIT of the Tyumen Region, presented at the competition a project for the implementation of an Automated workplace for government employees (ARM). The decision won in the regional nomination "Ural Federal District".

ARM allows you to automatically or semi-automatically consider citizens' applications and make decisions on them.

Unique ARM capabilities to save time and human resources:
A unique interface that allows employees to customize sections, quick navigation buttons, favorite objects, notifications
Automatic analysis of the set of documents provided by the citizen, the formation and sending of only those interdepartmental requests that are required within the framework of the current application
Entering the result of the service provision into the registry model
Flexibility of system configuration and scaling
  • Automatic filling in of the main fields of a citizen's application for a public service
  • Minimal risk of data loss due to gradual loading of modules
Subsystem of employee notifications about events in the system via push notifications
Use of modern technology stack and frameworks
  • Automatic distribution of applications by employees responsible for processing applications, taking into account their current workload and working hours
Decision support subsystem for employees informing about opportunities/obstacles in the course of making a decision on the application
Support of the concept of government proactivity in the service provision
Implementation of the interface and architecture of the system taking into account the further movement towards Big Data, machine learning and artificial intelligence
The experience of the Tyumen region has demonstrated that the implementation of ARM has significantly accelerated the work of government employees in processing citizens' applications. According to experts from the customer, for some services, the processing of the application instead of 30 minutes began to take no more than 2-3 minutes, and with a positive decision it became fully automatic.